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Why outsource payroll?

  • To save yourself time and money
  • To have a payroll specialist on hand with 25years + experience
  • There's no need to buy payroll software / updates and stationary
  • It frees up your time to concentrate on running your business
  • You'll be safe in the knowledge that your payroll is fully compliant with current & future legislation
  • We can also run CIS payrolls

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Bookkeeping Services

  • By law all businesses must keep accurate accounts for VAT and taxation purposes. Payroll Mania can help you to prepare your accounts.
  • We can create spreadsheets so that it is easier to keep a track of your income and expenditure.
  • We prepare and submit VAT returns
  • We can help with temporary or long term jobs
  • AAT qualified professional

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BACS Commercial Bureau

  • Payroll Mania has been a fully accredited BACS Bureau for 4 years.
  • We can make payments directly from clients bank accounts into the employees accounts. As this is done directly from the payroll software it eliminates the chance of errors.
  • To be an accredited bureau a company has to pass very high standards for office security, software security and have disaster recovery procedures in place.

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Self Assessment and P11d's

  • We are fully qualified to prepare and submit self assessments for clients
  • We can do very simple and more complicated self assessments / P11d’s
  • We will create income / expenditure spreadsheets for you, in order to complete your self assessment
  • Payroll Mania has P11d software which speaks directly to the payroll
  • We complete the P11d’s and email in PDF format for checking and to make it easy to distribute to the Directors / Employees concerned

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Real Time Information

  • This is the biggest change to PAYE since its creation in 1944.
  • It means that every time a payroll is processed, the payroll information has to be sent directly to the HMRC.
  • It does away with P46’s and having to make separate P45 submissions, as this information is included in the RTI submission.
  • Helps to detect if an incorrect tax code is in use, so it can be corrected a lot faster.
  • Stringent rules on employee data must be followed in order to comply with HMRC data checks.
  • Payroll Mania's payroll software will take care of this for you.

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Pension Reform

  • The government has announced that to fill the 'Pension Black Hole', it has introduced the Pension Reform and Automatic Enrolment.
  • Over the next 4 years employers will be given staging dates, to have a compliant pension scheme in place.
  • Starting with the largest employers and by the end of 2017 all employers will be included.
  • The employee criteria is based on age and earnings. Employees can opt out, but are automatically re-enrolled after a set amount of time.
  • Minimum Employer and Employee contributions have to be paid in to the scheme.

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